Knowing if, when, and how to launch a new multi-stakeholder collaboration, such as an alliance, association or consortium requires careful thought and planning to ensure a structure that maximizes the opportunity to succeed. Do you need a new organization? Maybe you only need to collaborate with others for a project? Which type of organization do you need?  


We offer a no-cost assessment* that will help advise you on how to move your collaboration forward. Through our interview process, we’ll assess and qualify your objective, guide you on the conditions that are ripe for a collaboration, and if desirable, we can help define the opportunity to maximize success.

  • Create Specifications
  • Validate Market Solutions
  • Develop Best Practices
  • Develop Reference Implementations
  • Deploy Testbeds
  • Create Proof-of-Concepts
  • Perform End-to-end Solutions Testing

Our goal is to help you find the right approach and accelerate innovation by leveraging our 25+ years of experience in launching and leading technology collaborations. Reach out to us to start moving your collaboration forward.

*For qualified opportunities determined through a phone screening.


* Required

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