Why did Inventures launch the CollabForum?

What is the difference between projects and alliances?

Why form a project vs. an alliance?

Benefits and Advantages

What are the benefits of project-based collaborations?

What are the advantages of using the CollabForum over other existing organizations that host project-based collaborations like the Linux Foundation, Eclipse Foundation and OASIS?


Can any requirements be placed on who can/cannot join a project?

Are projects completely independent of each other and what are the security measures in place to protect a project’s proprietary information?

Can projects set and collect their own membership fees and use the fees at their own discretion?

Will the CollabForum provide funding for projects?

Can projects modify/fine-tune the CollabForum IPR policy for specific project needs or use their own IPR policy?

Can projects set their own policies and procedures?

Can projects set their own governance structure?

What is the role of the board, how does it relate to the projects and will it oversee or have authority over projects?

Will the CollabForum charge overhead expenses to the projects?

Technologies and Open Source

Are there any limits to the types of technologies and/or missions of projects?

Can projects use any of the various existing open source repositories?

Will the CollabForum offer its own open source repository?


How do I get a project started with CollabForum?

Must all project participants join the CollabForum as members?

Can project members be from non-profits, government agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), universities and research institutions, start-ups, and/or individuals?

Will the CollabForum have face-to-face member meetings?

Services & Support

How can Inventures help with getting projects initiated and launched?

What services will Inventures provide that are standard for all projects and what are extra?

Must projects use the Inventures CollabForum services and tools?

Will Inventures provide facilities to have face-to-face project meetings?

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